Murders on your doorstep

Murders on your doorstep


Prior to the 1940s, forensic photography was a purely functional practice, seen as an objective and archival way to collect evidence from murder scenes. When well-known photographer ‘Weegee’ came onto the murder scene in 1938, the genre developed into a form of photographic art, with various galleries included the MoMA exhibiting work.

You can say that I am a bit of a gore junkie, but I have always loved the goriest movies. The cinematic industry is feeding our imagination with blood and death, which I have been replicating in my images.

In this series entitled ‘Murders on your doorsteps’ I have captured the aftermath of ‘heat of the moment murders’ with a traditional forensic approach, but with the colour and drama of Hollywood. This mixture of styles and techniques is designed to encourage the viewer to think more closely about the seriousness of the kind of images mass market Hollywood films companies distribute as a form of entertainment, whilst also allowing the viewer to satisfy their morbid fascination and desire to understand the motivations and method of murder.

This work brings in the aspect of psychological fear. It is like a murder mystery, how did she end up there? What must have happened in the house earlier? Does an abandoned garage become a slaughterhouse? The images make the viewer conscious about the brutality that can be found within the world, they make your worst nightmares into a reality.